About CAB



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The Cougar Activities Board was created in the spring of 1980, after students at the College of Charleston voted on a constitutional amendment (within the Student Government Association) to create a parallel organization focused on providing high-quality entertainment for the entire campus. Previously, the entertainment committee of SGA handled the programming for the campus, but as the college grew, so did the need to develop a board whose primary focus was programming. After branching off, this committee became known as the College Union Board.

Years later, CUB underwent its first name change and became the College Activities Board. Over the years, the College Activities Board brought great talent to campus, such as The Indigo Girls and They Might Be Giants. During the early 2000s, CAB changed its name again to Cougar Productions, and again in 2005 to Cougar Activities Board, and that remains the case today. In past years, CAB has helped bring Post Secret's Frank Warren, The Price is Right, Godfrey, Yung Joc, Jim Breuer, TWISTA, Corey Smith, and many up-and-coming stars to campus. In recent semesters, CAB has hosted events such as Casino Night, Back to School Bingo, Late Night Laughs, Movie Nights, Off-Campus Trips and so much more. Keep a lookout on our social media for even more fun events for the campus community. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Students will develop interpersonal skills sets such as communication, decision-making, and service to others.
  2. Students will build and foster connections within the College of Charleston Community and the Charleston area.
  3. Students will create a diverse and accepting community at the College of Charleston through inclusive programming.
  4. Students will preserve the history and traditions of the Cougar Activities Board and the College of Charleston through programming.